The State of Haryana is the land of rich culture and agricultural prosperity. It is surrounded by Himachal Pradesh in North, Uttar Pradesh in East, Punjab in West and Rajasthan in South. Adjacent to the National Capital, Delhi, the State surrounds it from three sides. It is spread over an area of 44,212 sq. km with an area covering 1.3% of the country.

Haryana contributes significant amount of wheat and rice to the Central Pool i.e. a national repository system of surplus food grain. Haryana is India’s 4th largest producer of cotton. Haryana has also made rapid strides in development of industrial sector. Major industries in Haryana are automotive, IT, agriculture and petrochemicals. Being a preferred destination for auto majors and auto-component manufacturers, the State is the largest automobile hub in the country.

The Panipat Refinery (IOCL) situated at Panipat is the 2nd largest refinery in South Asia. The State Government has committed to creating a progressive business environment. Haryana’s structural transformation from an agrarian State to industrial State, with services sector recording robust growth, the State has showed progressive development towards achieving sustainable development goals.

Though Haryana is geographically a small State, the contribution of the State to the National Gross Domestic Product at constant (2011-12) prices has been estimated as 3.8% as per Quick Estimates of 2019-20.

Strong Economic Growth

  • GSDP
    INR 7.65 Trillion (US$ 103.80 bn) in 2020-21.
    of 9.07% from FY16 & FY21
  • Highest Per
    Capita Income

GSVA Composition by Sector

Gross State Value Added (GSVA) in 2019-20 was INR 6.74 trillion.

  • Agriculture
    and Allied Sector
    GSVA- 18.9%
  • Industry
    GSVA- 29.6%
  • Services
    GSVA- 51.5%

FDI inflow & investments

  • Inflow in Haryana stood at US$ 91.4bn Apr. 2000 to Dec 2020
  • Services sector accounted for a major share in FDI


  • INR 4.5 during 1967-68, INR 85,732 crore FY 2020-21.
  • FY 2020-21, the State ranked 7th exports ranking share of 3.90%
  • Among Land Locked states, Haryana is ranked 2nd
    only after UP
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