Foreign Cooperation Department shall support the facilitate the allocation of investments made by Haryanavis particularly, where these investments have the potential to increase trade opportunities for the State of Haryana. Wherever necessary, the Department shall act as a facilitator for Haryanvi investors to route their investments abroad.

Market Linkages

Suggest potential markets which have investor-friendly legal and regulatory framework.

Help private investor explore sectors in offshore locations which are likely to have better returns.

Providing platform to potential investors to engage in B2B or B2G meetings.

Investor Facilitation

Facilitate strategic partnerships for Joint Ventures and Industrial Projects between Haryanvi investors and foreign investors in offshore locations.

Assist the potential Haryanvi investors to undertake business meetings, tours, etc. by helping them procure business visas for foreign jurisdictions.

Handle Queries/ Feedback of Haryanavi investors or Haryanvi diaspora with respect to foreign markets where they intend to make investments.

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