Haryana has what
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    Business-friendly environment and supportive government policies

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    Access to fast-growing markets in the region

Haryana Today

Resources to help you set up
and do business in Haryana

Connections Concierge
Directory of business partners in areas such as banking
Events Calendar
Round-up of business conferences, exhibitions, trade shows.
Global Investor Programme
For individual investors keen to move to Haryana

Haryana : The Impossible Story

Discover the possibilities with Haryana.

Top Destination For Global Investors

  • Haryana ranks #1 in Export Preparedness Index 2020 under Landlocked states category.
  • Home to 250 of the Fortune 500 companies.
  • Highest concentration of BPO workforce in the world
  • Haryana exports more than 60% of Basmati Rice

Haryana's Export

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